Episode 6 – Derek Webb

Derek webb of caedmon's call and noisetrade chats with andrew jones of Checkered Owl media about the music industry

This week is an exciting episode for me! We have Derek Webb on the show. He is a fantastic artist, (I especially recommend you check out Mockingbird, Stockholm Syndrome & Ctrl) and also the co-founder of one of my very favourite websites in the world: NOISETRADE! We chat about his journey to starting giving away…

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Episode 5 – Ross Barber

ross barber of Bridge the atlantic podcast and andrew jones of checkered owl talk about netflix release dates music movies podcasts reddit and much more

Hello! Welcome back to the show and thanks for your patience as I finished sorting out technical issues. Everything is back to flowing smoothly and weekly podcast will be back on track! This week features a conversation with my friend Ross Barber who is a web designer for the music industry based in Scotland as…

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Episode 4 – Gordie Haakstad

Abel's Field Director Gordie Haakstad joins andrew jones of checkered owl to talk about making movies

Sorry for our delay! But WE ARE BACK! Sometimes technology doesn’t co-operate as well as we would like it to, and your conversation about the Academy Awards comes out a little later than you mean it to, but we have overcome! On today’s episode we have Film Director Gordie Haakstad, our conversation stays centred around…

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Episode 3 – Ryan Getz

ryan getz of tuned up joins andrew jones of checkered owl music and meia to talk about the music industry blogging, ryan, columbus ohio and the music scene there as well as breaking indie bands and publishing deals

Hey! Thanks for tuning in! We have another great episode for you, this week is with my friend Ryan Getz of Tuned UP. Ryan is an album reviewer, a blogger, a concert promoter and a promoter of indie music wherever he goes. He is based in Columbus Ohio and we chatted about the scene there,…

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Episode 2 – Lyle Bell (Of The Wet Secrets)

Lyle Bell of the wet secrets and shout out out out out comes on the conversation of art podcast to talk to Andrew Jones of Checkered Owl Media about art music and behind the scenes of the music biz

Thanks for tuning in again. This week on The Conversation Of Art we have my friend Lyle Bell from The Wet Secrets. We chatted about The Wet Secrets, some of his past projects such as Shout Out Out Out Out, Streaming vs sales,  having fun on tour, his experiences at SXSW and the Peak Performance…

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Episode 1 – James Shotwell

James Shotwell of antique records, haulix, inside music podcast, under the gun review and more joins Andrew Jones of Checkered Owl Media to discuss art and the music industry

Thanks for tuning in to the first ever episode of The Conversation of Art. I’m excited to embark n this adventure with you. The concept behind The Conversation of Art, is simply to bring people into discussions of Music, Film and other art forms from a new perspective; as with all the best conversations, I’m not exactly…

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